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Tree Planting Materials and Tools

Tree Planting Materials and Tools

To plant trees there are some tools and materials you need. The tree planting tools and materials you will need are a shovel, or something else to dig with, some soil amendments, mulching materials, something to “water the tree in”.

If you have a very large tree to plant, you might want to consider some nylon tie down straps, and some means of moving the tree like a dolly. If you live in a windy area, it might be a good idea to stake the tree to keep it from leaning. This will require stakes long enough and sturdy enough to be driven into the ground, and rope, wire, or cable for tying off. If you choose wire or cable, find something like a section of disused water hose to to protect the tree from the wire or cable. You can cut it to the proper length, and slide it over the tie. Another option is pipe insulation.

You might add to this list , root stimulator. Root stimulator is a fertilizer and nutrient mix that sometimes contains indole butyric acid, a rooting hormone that increases root production. Both those mixes that contain IBA, and those that don’t, seem to offer some help in establishing newly planted trees, and in our experience, they are worth the money spent. Various studies have shown mixed results, so it is up to you.

Assemble all the tools and materials you need, including the trees, as near as possible to the marked planting site. For details on choosing the right site, see: Planting Trees Tree Planting Information Preparation

For details on planting the trees, see: Tree Planting | Planting Trees