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7 Part Pest Prevention Series: Introduction

7 Part Pest Prevention Series: Introduction

The pages in this series are about pest control and pest prevention, but they go well beyond that topic. The advice extends to good lawncare and cultural practices, home fire prevention, disease prevention, safety in and around the home, landscape care, tree care, and sealing your home against energy robbing weather conditions, since the same methods you use to seal pests out of your home, will also aid in keeping heat and cold out of your home. In short, these are things you should be doing already for reasons other than pest control, and you will be killing more than two birds with one stone!

Where Do Bugs and Rodents Come From

The bugs and rodents you find inside your home come from somewhere. Have you ever given any thought as to where that “somewhere” might be? Well, you should! Bugs and rodents don’t just spontaneously appear in your home. They are not magical, they are not mysterious, they are not from another planet.

Pest Control Brush Weeds Rubble Clean Up

To control pests through prevention the very best way to start is by clearing your property of the things that encourage pests. Simple, right? Weedy brushy areas are both cover and breeding grounds for pests.

How Lawn Care Effects Pest Control

Believe it or not, what you do with your lawn has a direct effect on the pests in your life. A well maintained lawn will reduce pest problems, even the pest problems inside your home. A poorly maintained lawn will increase pest problems, even inside your home.

Landscaping For Pest Prevention

What you do with your landscape has a direct effect on the pest population attempting to enter your home. How you build it, and how you maintain it is a huge factor in indoor pest prevention. Your landscape is an insect and rodent magnet, it will attract them, or it will help to repel them, based on how you manage it, and the plants you have in the landscape.

Landscape Tree Care And Pest Prevention

Trees are the masters of the landscape. An ugly, poorly shaped tree can make the rest of your property look ugly a, well groomed tree can cover a multitude of landscape sins. Since trees dominate the landscape, it is important to give them proper care.

Sealing Homes For Pest Prevention

Homes have holes. Lots and lots of them. To keep pests out, you need to seal these holes. Homes have vents, and while these should not be sealed, they should be made inaccessible to insects and rodents.

Prevention Facts: A Pest Prevention Tips List

This is a list of the salient points of pest prevention from the edges of your property all the way to the inner sanctum of your home. It can be used as a check list, to see how you are doing in your efforts, or as a reference for use in making sure all the bases are covered. It is lengthy, but it is divided into sections for convenience.

Feel free to post a response in our comment section. We would be pleased to know what you think, and any additional pest control and pest prevention tips and tricks you might have learned would benefit our readers.