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A house is a place where you make a home. Your house is the structure where you dwell. Houses protect us from the elements. Homes provide a haven from the difficulties of the day. There are many facets to home care and maintenance. There is infrastructure, like the plumbing and electrical, and aesthetic issues like decorating and painting, and a myriad of other issues that can involve a lot of time and money.

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Home Maintenance

What do relationships and homes have in common? Well, like everything else, they need maintenance. We can’t help you with your relationships. At least not any more than helping with your “honey do list” may provide some assistance. We can, however help you with your home maintenance issues. Everything in life requires some attention from time to time, and your home is no exception. Setting up a good maintenance schedule and sticking to it will preserve your investment in it’s top condition for many years longer than avoiding it.

Home Repairs

There are times when repairs are needed in the home. When these needs arise, you will have some decisions to make, one of them being whether to do the job yourself, or call in a repairman. This will depend on your level of skills and the availability of tools compared to the relative cost of hiring a contractor.

Home Improvements Remodeling Renovation

There will come a time when you will want to do a little something for your home beyond maintenance and repairs. Home improvements may be simple projects like painting a room, or replacing hardware, cabinets, counter-tops, and other activities that may overlap with home decorating. Full scale remodeling or renovations are much more involved than simply switching out a few fittings and fixtures, although they are often related to standard home improvements in many ways.

Home Decorating

This may be something as simple as changing the furniture in a room to get a different look, changing the color of a wall or an entire room, or something as complex as doing a complete home makeover. At some point, the lines between home improvement and home decorating may begin to blur.

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