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Storage Shed Tips: Getting The Most From Your Storage Building

Insulated utility building

Your storage shed can be a handy place to toss a few things inside to get them out of the way, but if that is all you do with your building you are missing out on a good opportunity to improve your quality of life. With just a little creative thought and work, sheds can make your life a lot easier and less frustrating.

With that in mind, we thought we would offer a few tips on getting the most from your storage shed.

  1. If you plan to use your utility building for storage, adding shelves or a loft will give you a lot of extra space without taking up more floor space. It can be done pretty easily with pre-built shelf kits, or just a little ingenuity on your part. Two 2×4’s screwed to the studs with a piece of plywood for a shelf or loft is really all you need for storing light materials like Christmas decorations.
  2. Leave some space for aisles. This can save you a lot of frustration when you decide that you actually need that old TV in the very back corner for a video game monitor.
  3. On the subject of boxes, color coding them before you store them, and keeping a list in the shed can be really helpful when you need something. You can get some colored adhesive dots, and put a number on each to match your list.
  4. If tool storage space is what you need, consider magnetic strips for steel handled items, or installing a pegboard with pegs for them. For larger tools like rakes and shovels, a peg system works well, and, in a pinch, a small 30 gallon drum, or heavy trash receptacle can be used to keep them with the handle down so that you have less tangling. A section or two of large PVC pipe can also be attached to a wall stud with the top about 3′ from the floor to get similar results.
  5. If you are going to store heavier lawn equipment like gasoline powered mowers, consider buying, or building a ramp to make getting them inside easier. Ramps are cheap and easy to build, and whatever effort you put forth to get one, will be save a thousand times over, and you will have fewer backaches.
  6. If you plan to do light work, like sharpening tools, or potting plants in your storage shed, you can easily install a work bench in most shed types, and most dealers will build one for you for a small fee as well.
  7. If your sheds purpose is as a garden shed, adding a slatted potting bench can be a very valuable addition. Some extra shelves for holding plants as you pot them, or let them harden off will maximize it’s usefulness.
  8. Adding an electric line to your storage shed can give you that little bit of extra light you need to do your work or find your stuff. Be sure to follow local ordinances with all electrical installations. Even if your local ordinances won’t allow you to wire your shed for electricity, or if you want to be more environmentally friendly, you can still have lighting by purchasing a solar powered lighting unit. There are many available.

This is not an all inclusive list, and I am betting that you can come up with more ideas to maximize the benefits of your storage shed. Just be creative, think outside the box, and you can find other ways to use your storage building to solve some of your chronic and frustrating common problems without spending an arm and a leg.