The importance of animals in our lives

Animals are an important part of life for us as humans. They provide companionship as pets, have provided transportation and labor for us in the past (and still do in some places), provide food for us in the form of meat, eggs, and milk, and also provide a number of other products and services that humans have traditionally used to survive.

Animal and human interaction

In most modern settings animal and human interaction can be divided into 4 relationships:

  1. Pets
  2. Pests
  3. Food
  4. Labor
  5. Aesthetic and emotional


It is hard to overestimate the value of pets in our society. They provide companionship and often protection. It is very important to take proper care of your pets, both for the safety of the animal, and for your own well being.


Then there are the animals that cause us problems, the raccoons that overturn our trash cans, the moles, gophers and armadillos that may dig up our lawns, the rabbits, birds, and other wild things that invade our gardens, and the more dangerous ones that can cause injury to humans and pets will be encountered from time to time.


We all understand that the chief source of protein for the human race has long been meat. While some may decry the use of animals for food, it still remains common and widespread. Vegetarians must find plant sources for protein, and there are many of them, but by and large, animals are still the most popular providers. Not all animals must die to provide food, eggs and milk are also good sources of protein.


Animals used for the purpose of labor and transportation are less common these days except in the most rural agrarian, or nomadic parts of our world. In some cases animals may serve more than one function, as in a family dog that provides both companionship and warns us when someone or something is approaching. 

In some parts of our country animals still provide useful labor in the form of the horses that are used for moving cattle and cow dogs or sheep dogs used for the same purpose.

Aesthetic and emotional

There may be another category, one we will call aesthetic, or emotional. The birds that sing in the mornings, the squirrels that play in the trees, the gold fish in the pond, all provide a less measurable element of tranquility to our lives.

This section of Home And Garden press will deal with those issues.

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