If you are like most of the people who come to this site you were looking for information. Hopefully you have found what you need, and if not, let us know and we will try to help.

At some point though, reading about what you need to do will not be enough, and you will need to actually do it! For that, you will need tools and materials.

That is why we have put together a list of resources to help you get what you need, to do what you need to do. Some of these links will lead you to other sites of trusted tool and material suppliers. Many of them you will know by name. Some like Sears, have been around since the telegraph, and some like Amazon have been in existence for a comparably shorter period of time.

The internet is a big, and often frightening place, and we make these recommendations to help take away some of the trepidation of buying, or just searching for materials online.

The companies we trust are reliable, but there is still a chance that you might have a less than satisfactory experience, just as you might in a local hardware or furniture store. We would love to know about such experiences, as well as those companies that offer exceptional service to the home and garden market. Feel free to contact us, or leave a comment.

Some of the better known names in the business, like Home Depot, Lowe’s and Sears have an impressive array of tools and appliances. Others have more specialized products, and Amazon has just about anything you desire. To find assistance from local contractors we recommend services like Angie’s List and Service Magic. While we like to recommend using local suppliers whenever possible, but the world of commerce is changing and buying online may be your best option.

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