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Please understand that we are not in the link selling business. We only accept sponsor listings from sites that:

  • Are home and garden related
  • Will benefit our readers in some way
  • Have been reviewed by us

We reserve the right to refuse any listing. Email for more details


Are you an expert in a field related to some aspect of Homes And Gardens? Do you have a website for your business? Great! If you own a business with a website in the home and garden field, we have an offer for you, and it won’t cost you a dime!

Promoting a business website goes something like this:

  • Every business needs a website.
  • Every website needs some form of promotion.
  • Links are the currency of the internet.
  • Buying and selling links is bad business and could get you in trouble.
  • Building links is a pain in the backside.

The best ways to get a link

The best way to get great links for your website is to publish great content which other webmasters and site owners will want to pass on to their readers, but “article marketing” is a hit or miss situation that usually misses, and publishing the material on your own site or blog is great, but may not reach the audience you are trying to reach, and will not give you an automatic link back from another site. What we propose will do both.

Getting links from Home And Garden Press

Article Submission

It is very simple: Write an original article covering one aspect of your area of expertise with a link back to your site, and if it meets our editorial guidelines and fills a gap on Home And Garden Press, we will publish it in the appropriate place. It is a win, win situation. You get a link back to your website, and we get informative content that will help our readers! That is a great deal for all of us!

Here are some of the guidelines

The article should be:

  • An original unpublished article.
  • The article must be between 500 to 1200 words.
  • The majority of the text should be information about the subject.
  • Promoting your business is allowed in the final paragraph.
  • You may provide one link to your own website with your chosen anchor text.
  • For the best result, you should provide a link from your website to your article on Home And Garden Press, but this is optional.
  • Home And Garden Press will have the right to accept or reject any article, and will have full editorial rights.

Even if your article disagrees with our articles on a topic, that’s okay that will not exclude you. We like open discussion, and inviteĀ opposingĀ opinions.

Feel free to write us with any questions or proposals at:

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