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Home and Garden Press is a great place to advertise your goods and services related to the home and garden industry.


Well, when people come to our website, they are looking for information about how to solve a home or garden problem, or how to make a home or garden improvement. In other words, they are already looking for something that you may be able to provide.

When people come to our site, they spend quite a bit of time reading articles and gleaning information. In fact, people spend an average of over 4 and 1 half minutes on site, which is like ages in internet time, and they read several pages before leaving.

When they get ready to leave, they are looking for something with which to do the job that they came here to learn about! Why not have them exit from our site, onto your offer?

If you have the answer or the product that will meet that need, you owe it to the customer, and to yourself to let them know! This could be anything from a home improvement “how to” book, to a product or service, even a financial service!

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