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This site is about creating the solutions that are demanded by real property maintenance in the real world of today! Home and garden sites usually take on the role of home improvement or home decorating sites. Nothing at all wrong with that, but that is not what we are about. We wanted to offer information on many practical topics that are missed in the general home improvement website scheme of things.

There are only so many times that you will need to re tile the bathroom, re wallpaper the bedroom, or add granite counter tops to the kitchen, and at some point, something breaks, or you step outside into a sea of weeds and bugs, and you need to be able to deal with those things as well.

As suburbs branch out into areas that were once farms and ranches, new challenges and opportunities present themselves. Semi rural areas with large acreage may include things like farm ponds and larger than usual areas to maintain, which bring up new adventures in property management, and new opportunities for innovation and creativity.

Changing home and garden needs

Homes and properties come in all shapes and sizes, and one size does not fit all. Neither does one style of home and garden management. Suburban dwellers have one set of needs, while the rural lifestyle may demand a different set of skills. To be sure, there are many things in common. Basic structure maintenance is about the same for both, basic lawn and landscape maintenance principles are about the same, but the size of the lawn, and the contents of the landscape can vary greatly!

In some parts of the country, there is a trend toward larger suburban properties in what were once rural areas, and these new settings produce new challenges, and new opportunities. Many former urban and suburban families are finding themselves with acreage beyond the norms of their former situations, with property features which stretch the boundaries of normal suburban maintenance practices. Managing such properties require a different set of skills, and a more varied physical and mental tool set. It may also require the use of alternative methods of land management to avoid over taxing the physical and economic resources available.

Most Home and Garden sites offer a lot of home improvement information, mostly of the home decorating type. A few venture into light gardening and landscaping to make everything look nice around your home. Some even offer a little advice on minor repairs for the homeowner, but very few dive into the deeper waters of serious issues in and around the home.

We offer serious information and advice for those who are serious about managing their property, with such categories as Land management, Lake management, Structure management, Lawn management, Landscape management, and Pest management and control.

Home And Garden Advice For The Real World!