Where Do Bugs and Rodents Come From

Where Do Bugs and Rodents Come From

Part one in our pest prevention series.

The bugs and rodents you find inside your home come from somewhere. Have you ever given any thought as to where that “somewhere” might be? Well, you should! Bugs and rodents don’t just spontaneously appear in your home. They are not magical, they are not mysterious, they are not from another planet. Understanding where bugs mice and rats come from, and what they want is the key to dealing with them.

Where bugs and rodents come from

Bugs and rodents exist in the wide open spaces of the great outdoors, and they do pretty well out there, but they are like human beings in this way, they are always looking to upgrade. They like the great outdoors, but they also like living with you! That is, they like living with you, as long as you provide them with what they want, and need to survive.

Bug and rodent philosophy

Philosophically speaking, a variety of positions exist as to why bugs are here to begin with. Those who hold to an evolutionary viewpoint say that insects and rodents are just a part of the natural chain of evolution. Those of a biblical persuasion believe that insects and rodents are the result of the fallen nature of our world, and those of eastern religions have a variety of takes on them, often seeing them as being just as important as human life.

No matter how you slice it, insects and rodents can be a problem, and to deal with them, you don’t have to violate the tenants of any philosophical position of which I am aware. Simply prevent them!

If insects and rodents come from outdoors, and you as a homeowner choose to keep them there, it is important to determine what you have that makes your home a good target for them.

What bugs and rodents want

What they seek is shelter and food. Of course they do need a way to get inside. What we want to do is determine what it is on your property that allows a large enough population of insects to accumulate, offers them cover and close enough proximity to stage an invasion of your house, and a pathway into your home, and what you have inside that is the reason why they are seeking to get inside. Once we do this, and eliminate the things that allow the population to grow, have cover, have a reason to want to get inside, and a way to do it, then we will drastically decrease the numbers of pest actually inside your home, without having to resort to the over use of pesticides, or violate the tenants of your bug and rodent philosophy.

We will be discussing the details of preventing bugs and rodents, like clearing and cleaning your property, good lawn care tactics for pest control, and how the landscape you have effects your pest control effort in the next few posts. If you have questions or comments, p;ease feel free to use our convenient comment box. We would love to hear from you!

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