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Pest Exterminators Deserve Recognition

Pest Exterminators Deserve Recognition

Pest professionals don’t get the respect they deserve. They are at the forefront of fighting the spread of disease by helping to lower the populations of the creatures which most often carry and spread disease. It is about time they get the respect and recognition they deserve.

The job of pest exterminators

A Pest can be anything that bothers you, particularly rodents, bugs, or weeds. Pest exterminators deal with a variety of pest problems, it is not glamorous work, but it is work that must be done for the prevention and containment of disease, and other related public health reasons. Pest exterminators perform tasks that most people do not really want to think about, which like other necessary but distasteful occupations, involve the removal of something that can be dangerous to us. You may not want to think about how the roaches, rats, or sewage is disposed of, but it is something that must happen for our species to survive.

Complaints about extermination

One of the chief complaints about pest exterminators is the cost of the extermination service. Please remember that exterminators are required to test for licensing, retrain each year, maintain insurance policies, purchase and maintain equipment, purchase chemicals, purchase and maintain transportation, buy fuel, and pay taxes. In short, being an exterminator is expensive. The profit involved is much less than you might imagine, and the work is rarely pleasant.

Environment and health concerns

Another problem that pest exterminators face, is that the work of removing pests often involves chemicals which some can be dangerous. This puts them at odds with groups who oppose the use of chemicals on safety and environmental grounds, which can add stress to the job.

Chemical hazards

Pest exterminators also deal with the danger of chronic exposure to insecticides and the potential hazards of acute pesticide exposure which can cause health problems.

All in all, the pest exterminator is not being overpaid for his work.

The most common pest exterminators

Rodent exterminators

  • Rat exterminators
  • Mouse exterminators

Bug exterminators

  • Roach exterminators
  • Ant exterminators
  • Spider exterminators
  • Termite exterminators
  • Bed bug exterminators

Outdoor pests

  • Wasp exterminators
  • Bee exterminators
  • A variety of lawn and garden pests

Before you decide that it is time to call a bee exterminator, call a bee keeper instead. Bee keepers will often gather the bees, and use them for pollination and honey production, so destroying them would be a shame.