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A home is the largest purchase that most people ever make. A home is more than just a place to live, and extends beyond the four or more walls. Your home can also be a time consumer, and a money hog. It makes sense to understand it’s daily operations, and basic maintenance requirements, even if you hire someone else to do most of the work for you. Home And Garden Press provides information you need to live in the real world, including your home’s indoor and outdoor environments.

House And Home

Typical plumbing under the kitchen sink

A home is more than just a house, it is the place where you and your loved ones go to be safe and secure from the world outside, the place where you build a family. Most home owners don’t realize just how much maintenance is required. There is more than interior decorating and choosing the right throw pillows. There are hot water heaters, toilets and many other things that sometimes need maintenance and repairs. Home And Garden Press has helpful tips and information to get you through the inner workings of your home’s inside and outside.

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Typical ant mound

Pests can be both indoors and outdoors, but all pests come from the outside. While insects and rodents are the big indoor pest problem, outside your walls weeds are also considered pests. Pest control is more than just keeping a few unwanted visitors out of your house, and if you handle it well, it will improve your quality of life, and save you money all at the same time! Pest control should be a part of every part of your home and garden management program. How you manage pests in the larger landscape of your property will have a major impact on your pest control in your home. Home And Garden Press includes tips that will help you to keep your family safe from pests, and the hazards of pesticide misuse.

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Trees with colorful outdoor foliage

The great outdoors can be not so great if it is costing a huge portion of your maintenance budget, eating up your time, or when something from the great outdoors tries to get indoors. Your property is where your family and pets first make contact with the wider world, and  is usually the first place a child comes into direct physical contact with nature. It pays to pay attention to  your homes surroundings. There are ways to make your outdoor property safer, less of a burden, and perhaps even productive. We include sections on such topics as: Land and lake management as well as the usual lawn, garden and landscaping sections.

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Garden management

The home garden offers many opportunities for the homeowner, including food production, recreation, learning opportunities, and even therapeutic value. See: Home And Garden Press: Garden management

Pond and lake management

Lakes and ponds present unique problems and unique possibilities in property management. Lakes can add recreation, excitement, and wonder to your property ownership experience, but they can also subtract lots of money and time. Lakes and ponds require maintenance, and we are here to help, with information about the best ways to go about keeping ponds and lakes in good condition for you, your family, and your favorite fish! See: Home And Garden Press: Lake management

Land management

Managing property extends to managing land. Often, homeowners find themselves with a little more acreage than they feel capable of handling, and may need a little advice on what to do. Several acres of land can translate into many hours of work, or hundred of dollars in additional maintenance costs, but there are alternatives which will make managing larger properties less time consuming, and less costly. See: Home And Garden Press: Land management

Landscape management

Landscapes are the connection between the home, lawn, and the rest of the great outdoors. Traditional landscapes are gradually being replaced by more native types. We offer advice on dealing with both traditional landscapes and the more native types of landscapes and habitats, as well as tips and tricks for dealing with many of the less covered aspects of the wider landscape like fences, driveways, and walkways. See: Home And Garden Press: Landscape management

Outdoor structures

Structures are what we build. They are the human element in the broader landscape. They range from the simple timbers of a landscape or garden bed, to the complex structures of our dwellings. Some of the outdoor structures are closer to being a part of the landscape than home, so we include the discussion of these in the landscape section under the category of “outdoor structures”. See: Outdoor structures

Tree Care

Trees are the giants of the landscape. Because of the importance of trees in the landscape, and because tree care is such a large area on it’s own, we include them in the landscape category in their own sub section. Trees provide shade, evaporation cooling, aesthetic value, and perhaps, more importantly, memories. Keeping your trees healthy will protect your investment in your property, and increase it’s value. There is more to maintaining trees than just lopping off a few limbs from time to time, or raking leaves. We will help you with these tasks on the pages of this section. See: Trees

Lawn management

Lawns, gardens, and landscapes interact with each other, and with your home. The interaction is always there, and will always be there! How you handle the transition from one to the other, will largely determine your success as a home owner. Lawns represent the connection between the great outdoors and your dwelling place. A lawn is where your family and pets first make contact with the wider world, and a lawn is usually the first place a child comes into direct physical contact with nature. It is important that it be clean and free from stinging and biting insects, rodents and reptiles. It is also important that it be free of any pesticides that might cause injury to the more tender nervous systems of children.

The pages of this section will help you to reach this goal. See: Home And Garden Press: Lawn management

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