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Home Repair Tips: Stripped Wood Screws

Home Repair Tips: Stripped Wood Screws

Stripped screw hole repairs:

Stripped wood screw holes are responsible for many problems around the home, particularly those related to loose door hinges. These can be misleading and annoying. Most folks tighten the screw, and think that the problem is gone, only to have the problem return after a while. There is an answer to this problem, and it doesn’t require ripping out the door frame and starting over. One of the best methods to repair a stripped out wood screw hole is to:

Repairing stripped wood screw holes

  • Drill the hole to a slightly larger size.
  • Insert a dowel the size of the drilled hole with a drop or two of glue.
  • Saw off any excess dowel remaining. Give the glue time to dry.
  • Drill a pilot hole into the dowel slightly smaller than the screw.
  • Replace the screw.
  • Please note that the pilot hole is a necessary step, otherwise, the dowel, and surrounding wood may split.