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Chemical Mowing Chemical Trimming

Chemical Mowing Chemical Trimming

Chemical Mowing Chemical Trimming Right of Ways Fence Rows Pastures

Chemical right of way and fence row mowing and trimming is one place where chemical treatments work very well, and in most cases, with less environmental impact than mowing.

What is chemical mowing and trimming?

Chemical mowing and trimming are the terms used to describe the process of treating weeds and weedy grasses with a chemical to inhibit growth. In many places in the Southern U.S. right of ways, a treatment that would kill Bahiagrass would likely cause an erosion problem, since most of our highway right of ways are dominated by this plant. Mowing chemically retards the growth of the plant, while still allowing it to provide erosion protection. It is not just applicable to right of ways. Large acreage areas that need to be kept from reverting to rodent and insect incubators, but can’t be mowed due to time and expense can benefit as well.

Chemical trimming fence rows

The same is true of fence rows. Many fence rows are adjacent to highway right of ways, and killing the grasses present may not be a good option, but suppressing the growth will save hours of backbreaking labor.

Advantages of chemical mowing and trimming

Lowering costs with chemical mowing

A proper treatment, with proper chemicals at the proper time, can virtually eliminate mowing and trimming for an entire growing season with as few as two treatments per year. Comparing this to the cost of mowing and trimming such areas, it is a real bargain.

Environmental advantages to chemical mowing

A very good argument can also be made, that chemical mowing of these areas has environmental advantages over mechanical mowing. There is less debris in the runoff to clog drainage, and less harm to wildlife living in such areas.

Timing for chemical mowing

If you are going to use these types of treatments, or hire someone to do them for you, the time to get them scheduled is now! The best time for treating almost any grass is as soon after green up as possible. This will offer the most advantages, and be the most effective. Treatments can be effective at any point in the growing season, but the sooner after green up, the better. If the area has been mowed, it will need time to produce some new foliage before treatment.

Special note on chemical mowing of right off ways

Please note, that chemical vegetation control in highway right of ways, should only be practiced by properly licensed individuals or companies.

Learn more about chemical mowing and trimming

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