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Best Home Improvement Ideas Outdoors

Best Home Improvement Ideas

Best Home Improvement Ideas Outdoors

Outdoor Home Improvement

Brush and debris removal for curb appeal

Let’s say that you want to try to sell your home, and that the housing market is not looking good from a sellers standpoint. What are a few things that you can do to really boost your chances of getting a better price for your home that won’t cost you an arm and a leg?

First impressions and curb appeal

It’s old hat now, but the old adage is true: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression!” That first look that any potential buyer takes, will taint the rest of his, or her impressions about the home. It makes sense that the first and best home improvement idea that needs to be done to make that first impression a good one, is to get the outside of the home in good order. This is the stuff you need to do before you even consider doing any indoor renovations, especially if you are seeking to sell your home. Keep in mind, that these are things you should do, whether you are selling your home or not.

  1. Clean up your property. Get rid of rubble and brush. This will greatly improve your curb appeal, and make your neighbors a lot happier. It will also lower your pest quotient.
  2. Trim your trees. Prune your trees to the right shape and size to keep them from interfering with power and communication lines, and from dropping limbs, scrapping, and otherwise damaging your homes roof, and allowing animals to get on top of your home.
  3. Clean your gutters. This will improve the homes visual appeal, help prevent rot, and aid in keeping insects at bay.
  4. Get rid of the stuff growing through your driveway and walks. If it looks like a scene from the History Channels “Life after man”, you can guess that it is really life after maintenance. Avoid further damage and get it done.
  5. Mow your lawn, and perform the other tasks needed to bring it up to reasonable standards. This will go a long way toward improving the overall look of the property.
  6. When you have done these things, you will notice the need for some place to store all the extra things that have been laying around. Do yourself a favor and buy yourself a nice storage building adequate for handling all the stuff that needs to go in it. Get it large enough to handle a few other things as well, trust me, you will need it! have this storage building placed in your yard according to the guidelines found on Storage Building Placement , and your local ordinances.
  7. Trim your landscape plants and repair any bed damage. Re mulch the beds, and this time, trim the plants so that they don’t touch the house, and keep the mulch a foot or so away as well. Replace any dead or dying plants with appropriate replacement plants, and please don’t leave the debris setting around the outside of your property somewhere where a new pile will start.
  8. Caulk, seal and weatherstrip anything that needs to be caulked, sealed, or weatherstripped. Touch up where needed.
  9. Clean and paint whatever needs to be cleaned and painted. Fresh clean paint leaves a fresh clean look, and is one of the best home improvement ideas for the exterior of your home.

The best home improvement ideas are the ones that give you the best bang for your buck, outdoor home improvements offer inexpensive improvements and a good first impression.