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Live Christmas Trees | Living Christmas Trees

Happy Holidays From Home And Garden Press

What is the difference between “live Christmas trees”, and “living Christmas trees”?

Live or Living?

When you read an ad for “live Christmas trees”, what the advertiser usually means is that the trees were once alive, that is, that the trees were once living until the chainsaw came down the row. There is nothing wrong with that, but there is another type of live Christmas tree that is really a living Christmas tree, and not a cut tree. These are trees that are planted in a container, and you will probably have to buy them from your local nursery, and not the tree lot or hardware store.

Living Christmas trees

Depending on where you live, there is probably a perfect living Christmas tree that will grow well in your area. Some great things about using a living Christmas tree are:

  • The tree will not dry out because it is alive, and you will be watering to keep it alive.
  • Cost. You will not have to buy a new tree for several years. The tree will be there for the next year.
  • When the tree becomes too large to use as a Christmas tree, it will be an attractive addition to your landscape.
  • You will be improving the environment.

Live Christmas Tree Type

In my part of the world, Virginia Juniper is a very common evergreen. These dark green, naturally cone shaped evergreens grow wild in most parts of the southeastern United States. Don’t worry if they don’t grow in your area, there is always some evergreen that grows native to your area that will provide an excellent alternative. It is important that you choose a native plant for several reasons, but the most important one is that you want it to survive from year to year in your climate.

Most nurseries supply container trees in many varieties, and you will probably want to purchase one in a 5 gallon container or larger. After the first year, check to see if the plant is becoming root bound, and if it is, transplant it into the next larger size container. Do this as soon after the holidays as possible, so that the tree will be well rooted into the new mix by the next season. Continue to check and up size if needed each year until the whole thing is too big for your indoor space, By that time, you will have decided on a suitable outdoor spot to plant the evergreen, and you can start all over again.

Climate and transition

Depending mostly on your climate, you may need to allow your tree to become acclimated to the weather conditions outdoors before removing it after the Christmas season. It can be moved into a less heated room, like a garage, or an unheated greenhouse in most areas, although in some areas, it may need to spend some time in a heated greenhouse, before moving into an unheated one. You know your climate, and probably have a pretty good idea how to make the transition in your area.

Living Christmas trees might be just the thing to liven up your holiday experience, and eventually, even your landscape!